My work seeks to reimagine the sweeping landscapes and magical moments of some of my most treasured destinations.

oil landscapes

Quiet oil landscapes of my favorite hidden places

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multi-media interpretations of the natural world

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Gold Leaf oils

oil abstracts on gold leaf

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    An Emmy winning investigative reporter, It has always been the curiosity and pull of cultures and people in far off places that call to me. I find inspiration everywhere from Cuba, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and my own backyard in Chappaqua, NY.


    Using a combination of paint, stone, glass, plaster and organic found objects, I combine texture and color to develop truly dynamic pieces that give energy and movement to memories of some of my favorite places around the world. 


    Whether its a Southern Tuscan Farmhouse, the sugar white beaches of New South Wales, or a remote Bahamian Island, I'd love to know where your dreams are taking you next!